Keeping Your Photos Safe in a Cloud Storage

Digital cameras were introduced to the world in the mid 1990s. Since then, keeping our most precious moments became easier and way more diverse.
By 2003 all mobile phone manufacturers started to create devices with built in camera. In 2006 half oh the worlds mobile phones had cameras.
Today even the inexpensive models have one and tons of photographs are taken each day. This is the easy part. The hard one is where to store and keep them safe.
Hard disks have proven to be unreliable since they are easily damaged or lost, or your valuable photographs can become a victim of a computer crash or theft.
That is way we have the Cloud as a service to help us out.
Backing up your photos is as important as taking them. No mater if you are a professional photographer or just a fan of selfies, it’s better if you connect your devices to a cloud service so that you can upload your photos as you take them. Most of them have the so called “instant upload” option and this is the most useful feature that you can find.
The first steps of your child, your wedding, the wild party last night or your solo performance on stage – all those memories should be stored with caution and kept safe. Cloud photo services mean more secure storage than any hard drive could offer, so you won’t have to worry about losing your most precious moments.

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