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Box is a neatly designed online storage system, providing fast synchronization and upload of your files, documents, pictures, etc. It is designed mostly for business purposes, since it offers options for collaboration and messaging between various users. The free option, offering 10 GB storage space for free (Personal Account), has certain file size limits, which might not be good for storing large photo or video files. However, you may choose to subscribe to a paid version and use a larger quota. The paid plans include a certain number of users, depending on your subscription.

Box does not provide automatically generated folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, etc. When you first log in to the system, you get a completely empty space where you need to create your custom folders.

When we talk about mobile, if you are an Apple device user, download the mobile application from the Apple Store and install it on your device. To upload the photos that you take with your phone, select the Plus sign, located to the top right of the screen. When you do that, you can either select the option Take Photo or Video, and use your camera to take a photo at that particular moment, or you can select photos to upload from your photo gallery by selecting the option Choose from Library. In both cases, those photos are automatically uploaded to the main folder of your Box account.

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If you need to share a photo that you have already uploaded to the Box application, you may be a little puzzled, because the Share option, located to the top right of the screen, doesn’t work as expected, since you cannot simply mark a file in order to use it. Actually, in my own experience, when tested on an iPad, it didn’t work at all. In order to share a file, you need to place your finger on your file and slide to the left. The following screen appears:

send photos online

The first option from left to right is the Share option. When you choose it, a link is automatically generated and the following message appears on the screen: “Copy Link to Clipboard”. When you choose to copy the link, you are sent to a screen, where you can complete your sharing collaboration.

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Sounds easy, but not as much. If you are an Android user, things are even less intuitive. In terms of file sharing, I should definitely say, it takes some reading to complete the steps needed. I tested the application on three different Android devices, and I am amazed by the different views I was introduced to. Apparently, it all depends on the Android version you are using.

Uploading your files to the mobile application, however, is not as complicated as sharing. On any Android device you are using, after downloading and installing the application, you must get approximately the following screen.

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To upload your precious pictures from the photo gallery on your phone, press the Plus sign on top right and select the first option – Upload Files. When you do that, you immediately get the desired files in the main folder of your Box account.

However, if you need to share a photo you have already uploaded to the application, you need to locate the Share option. During my test, I first used a Nexus tablet with Android 4.4. No sharing option found. When you press on a file and hold it for a while, you get some additional options, such as the opportunity to put a check mark to the left of the file and Download, Move, Delete or Copy it, but that is all.

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Then I decided to test and locate it on a phone. My choice was a Samsung Galaxy Plus with Android 2.5. Nope, not a clue. The share option is simply not there and the menus are located at the bottom of the screen, rather than at the top, like with the Nexus. The final chance I gave it was with a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android 4.1. And… Eureka! It worked! The menus were at their approximately expected places – on the top right, as the third (middle) option was the sharing one.

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For web use, things go a lot easier. You can upload your photos using the Upload button on the top left of the screen. In order to share a file, simply click the check box to the right of the file and you will get the following screen, where you can automatically generate a link to share with other users.

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Shortly, for personal needs, having in mind the 10 GB free storage space that Box provides, you can use the platform for storing the pictures you take with your phone, considering the file size limits. However, if you are a professional photographer, those size limits may not fit your storage needs and you may prefer to choose a different cloud storage platform or subscribe to a paid plan.

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