Your Photos in SugarSync

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The SugarSync file sharing and synchronization service gets a lot of positive feedback from users and reviewers. However, it does not provide a free version and is mainly developed for business users. The service only provides a 90 days trial period, during which you have the opportunity to test the platform and decide if it is your cup of tea or not. This is within the range of 5 GB cloud storage space. The trial version does not provide all the available functionalities and the web interface looks very simple. It actually gives you only two automatically created folders (Mobile Photos and My SugarSync) where you store your files. Of course, you can manually create others and customize your space.

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Unfortunately, unlike the mobile applications, the web interface does not provide very good preview options for photos. The platform only previews more common photo formats, such as .jpg.

After working with many cloud storage services, I was pleased with the fact that the SugarSync application looks completely the same on an Apple device and on an Android device. Both are really neat, simple, intuitive and fast working. They both prompt you to backup the photos on your device upon installing the application. The photos are uploaded in the Mobile Photos folder.

A peculiar thing about SugarSync is that when you use it on a computer, you cannot install the application without providing your credit card details for further orders. However, you can download the application without any binding on your mobile phone or tablet.

If you use an Apple device, such as iPad or iPhone, install the application after you download it from the Apple Store. If you like, you can use the automatic photo backup function and upload the photos you have made with you device to the online application. You can view your uploaded photos by opening All Folders → Mobile Photos.

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The My SugarSync folder is initially empty and you can use it to store other files you upload to the app. If you like to upload other photos, other than those, located in your camera gallery, there is a tip you need to be aware of. When you try to locate another folder to upload from, the system provides you with the following message.

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To turn Location Services for SugarSync ON on your Apple device, go to the device Settings → Privacy → Location Services → locate SugarSync and turn it ON.

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If you have already uploaded photos to one of the folders or both of them and you need to share a photo with other users, press the Select button located at the bottom right. Check boxes appear to the left of the files in your folder. Click in the boxes to choose the photos you want to share.

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After you select them, use the Share option, at the bottom left part of the screen. The system then provides you with the options to perform the sharing using Email, Facebook, Twitter, or other application you have installed on your device.

If you choose the Sync option to synchronize your photos, you will later locate your synced files in the Synched Folder in the main menu.

If you are an Android user, SugarSync also offers you a cloud backup service for your photos upon sign up. You can set it to automatically backup your photos directly from the camera gallery of your device.

Since the view of the application is approximately the same on Android as it is on an iDevice, simply follow the tips, provided above, by skipping the Location settings, which are not applicable for Android devices. The Upload and Share options are located at the bottom left part of your screen.

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Shortly, SugarSync is better for professional photographers, because it does not provide a free version. If you are not a pro, and you simply need a data backup service for the daily pictures you make with your phone, this may not be the right service for you, although the mobile applications are adorable and very easy to use. But if you decide to subscribe to a paid version, be aware that the price/space ratios are very good.

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