How Copy Helps You Keep Your Photos Safe

free cloud storage

Copy is an advanced online storage service that helps you store, synchronize and backup to cloud the important documents and files residing on your computer or mobile device. When you register an account, you automatically get 15GB storage space for free. The platform also offers a nice referral scheme, through which both the referrer and the referred earn 5 GB bonus free space, which is one of the best free cloud plans such a service provides.

If you often take photos with your mobile device and you need to store and backup them, Copy is a suitable service for you. On mobile, the platform works with iPhone, iPad, and Android. As for the Android app, it works with 2.3.3 version or higher. The service provides enough free storage space for you to place your valuable photos, regardless of their size. The service is good for storing high-quality professional photos, as well as the pics you make with your phone camera.

The online cloud storage platform is actually one of the best for storing photos, since it provides great photo preview options, unlike many other similar cloud services.

As for the Apple users, the application is very intuitive and easy to use. It provides already created folders to distinguish your various file types, such as documents, photos, audio, videos, etc.

secure cloud storage

When you open a folder, a Plus sign appears at the bottom left part of the screen, providing you with the options to upload or capture a photo with your camera. Using this, you can easily upload pictures to your application and arrange them in the existing folders or by creating new ones.

share photos online

In order to share a photo with other users, simply press on the file and open it. A preview screen opens to the right of the screen, providing the following options at the top (from left to right): Info, Download, Favorite and Share.

send photos online

After choosing the Share option, you can set the application to share it either Publicly (accessible with anyone having the URL) or Privately (requires email verification).

If you are an Android user, download the application from Google Play and install it on your device. On the main screen of your application you get the following basic options on the right top side of your screen – Upload, Search, Synchronize and Arrange. To upload a photo from your device, select the first option from left to right.

 Free file sharing

To share a photo with your friends and colleagues, simply press on a file and you will get additional options, appearing at the top of your screen – Download, Share and Delete. Select the second option.

secure cloud storage

After performing this step you are given the opportunity to select how to share the file – through email, Facebook, or a messaging application, depending on the installed programs on your Android device.

If you decide to upload the professional camera photos that you store on your computer, I advise you to install the desktop application. It creates a folder for you, where you can easily store and synchronize any file types. Simply place a file in the Copy folder on your computer, and it will be automatically uploaded to your web account.

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