Mega For Your Photos

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50GB of free storage space! True. The New Zealand online storage company is the probably most generous cloud platform on the market. It also provides paid plans, but who needs them when you get 50GB for free?

The service offers a cloud-based file storage space for your documents and files, which can be accessed through almost any device connected to the internet. On mobile, it is not supported by iPad, otherwise, it works on any phone or tablet. The web platform and the mobile applications are very simple and easy to use.

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Unlike similar cloud services, Mega supports unlimited size of the files you upload. This way it ensures large file transfer at reasonable upload and download speeds. This is very good news for professional photographers, since their high quality pictures or processed photos usually become very large in size and are sometimes hard to store.

If you decide to download the mobile application on iPhone, keep in mind that it is not one of the first choices in the Apple Store search for “Mega”. You need to dig a little deeper in the search to find the app. Despite the generous free quota it provides, those who want to use it for online photo storage may not like the fact that the platform does not support previews on the main screen. In order to view a file, you need to open it in the app.

The Mega mobile application supports the function PhotoSync, which it prompts you to use when you install the app on your device. When you turn this option On, the system automatically uploads and synchronizes the photos you store on your iPhone and creates a dedicated PhotoSync folder on the app.

To upload a photo manually, open the folder where you want it to be stored. Select the three dots options menu, located at the top right section of the screen. The upload option is the first one. When you select it, the system asks you to choose where to upload from – whether you want to use the camera to take a picture or video, or you want to choose and existing file from your pictures gallery.

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If you need to share a photo with other users or friends, select a file and slide to the left on it. A Delete option appears to the right of the file. To the left of the Delete option you get a > sign. When you tap on this sign, you get additional options menu.

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Choose the share option and create a link which you can send to other users and provide them with access to the digital belongings you store in the cloud.

If you are an Android user, the main screen (top right) provides you with the options to Search, Upload, Reload and Create New Folder.

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To upload a photo to your Mega account, open the folder you want to upload the file in and choose the second option on the screen. If prompts you to select the type of file you need to upload or choose a different type of file from the File System.

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What is uncool about the Android application is that you can upload one file at a time. If you need to upload a large number of photos, you’d better upload an entire folder. Otherwise it may take a lot of time and efforts to upload manually multiple files one by one. The same goes for downloading files. If you decide to manually download them, you can only do that one by one. If you place the files you need to download in a folder, you can zip the folder and download it all at once.

To share a photo you have uploaded to your Mega account, tap on a file and hold it for a while. A check box appears to the left of the file. To share this file or multiple files, place check marks at the check boxes and select the chain symbol at the top right section of the application screen. The system shows a screen with the options available for sending the link – though mail, a messaging program or else.

Despite some of the flaws of the platform, it is suitable for storing large files and collections of photos, because it provides a very large free storage space. The prices it offers make Mega the cheapest cloud storage service on the market.

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