OneDrive as a Secure Space for Your Photos

 cloud storage

Microsoft’s OneDrive – what a nice place for photo maniacs! Formerly known as SkyDrive, now the online storage and backup service is much more flexible and encompasses multiple features and options, providing syncing and storage apps not only for PCs, but also for Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

The file storage platform has now become much more generous in terms of prices and free space offered, by its 7GB free storage space upon sign up, plus up to 8 GB bonus space, which users can get through its referral scheme.

First of all, to safely store your countless photos to the cloud, simply click the Upload button at the top menu of the web service or place them in the One Drive folder on your computer, created by the desktop application (if installed). Once placed in the OneDrive folder on your computer, you will instantly see your files uploaded to the web. They are now in a safe place where they can be viewed only by users you allow to do so.

Once uploaded to the web, your photos are ready for sharing with your collaborators and friends. Also, OneDrive has widely surpassed its competitors by creating wonderful photo sharing and viewing options. When you open the folder where you have stored your favorite photos, you will get a wonderful pictures preview.

free cloud storage

When you click on a particular file, you get multiple additional features and a lot of information about the file itself.

online files sharing

You can play a slide show of the pictures in the folder; you can add tags to your pictures; you can tag people in your photos, and you can even embed your photos on your blog or website. To share your favorite photos with other users, click the share option, and you will be sent to a screen, where you need to enter the email addresses of the recipients of the files and add a message, explaining the content you are sending.

best photo storage

Below the message box you can set recipient rights, such as Edit, View Only or Public. Also, you can set if the user needs to have a Microsoft account or not in order to receive and use your files.

send photos online

On this screen, the Invite People tab is open by default. If you click on the Get a Link tab, you will be provided with the following additional options.

send images online

You can share the generated link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Weibo, or you can simply copy it to the clipboard and send it using an instant messenger.

Generally, OneDrive is a great service when we talk about storing and viewing photos. Ideal for photographers and photo lovers. Especially considering the recently decreased prices, we definitely think this is one of the best cloud services for photo storage on the market.

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