Your Photos in pCloud


pCloud is a fast developing cloud storage service, which provides you with all of the functionalities the most commonly used cloud platforms support. pCloud is a secure space where you can store all of your audios, photos, videos, etc. and any other valuable digital belongings. By giving you 10 GB storage space upon registration, and up to 10 GB bonus free storage upon performing some steps, such as backing up your photos in Facebook, Picassa or Instagram; inviting your friends; or subscribing to newsletter, you can have enough space to store your valuable pictures that you take with your phone.

If you are an iDevice user, you need to download the application from Apple Store and install it on your phone. After installing it, you can easily upload and store your photos on the online cloud platform of pCloud. You can automatically upload your shots and backup them on the web application by performing the following steps:
– Go to the Main Screen of the application
– Select Settings → Automatic Upload → turn it ON

1_Automatic Upload iDevice

This way you get all your photos uploaded to your pCloud account, in the Automatic Upload folder. From this folder you can easily share your photos with other users through generating a download link, or you can share the entire folder with your colleagues and friends.

To upload a particular photo from your phone to pCloud’s web application, you need to perform the following:
Go to the respective folder you like to upload a picture in, select the Upload Files button at the bottom left of your screen. The application makes you select the source you will upload a picture from – Camera or Library.


2014-07-08 16-22-37 ec410e54

To share a picture from your pCloud application you simply have to:
– Go to My Pictures screen
– Select Edit → Send a File → Send → Send Download Link and choose the way to send the link through – via Email, SMS, Facebook, etc.

2014-07-08 16-23-14 b2b2040f 2014-07-08 16-23-22 c8e5202d

If you are an Android user, first download the pCloud application from Google Play and install it on your device. In order to turn the Automatic Upload function on, go to the main screen of your application and choose the Settings menu. There you will find the Automatic Upload function. Turn it On.

5_Automatic upload Android

If you want to upload a file to the pCloud application, choose Add → Upload File → Upload Image / Upload Other Files / Import Files / Take a Picture.

If you decide to share a photo from your device, simply select the plus sign to the right of your file and choose the Send Link option. A menu appears, providing you with the available options through which you can share the generated link, like Facebook, email, Skype, etc. depending on the applications you have installed on your mobile device.

As you see, storing and sharing photos using pCloud is a piece of cake on any mobile device. It is all a matter of a few really easy and intuitive moves. Essentially, pCloud will perfectly fit your needs for storing the pictures you make with your phone.

If you are a professional photographer and you upload your photos from your computer, pCloud may also be very suitable for you, because it provides you with enough free space (up to 20 GB) where you can store large collections of professional quality photos. If, however, this is not enough for you, you can always upgrade to a paid version. pCloud offers 100GB, 300GB or 1TB online storage plans for any types of documents and files.

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