Google Drive for Photo Maniacs


Google Drive – the service that broadens by days and even hours! But no wonder, this is Google we are talking about! Its native cloud storage platform is supported on any computer using Windows, Linux or iOS. It provides mobile applications for any Android device, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone or Blackberry.

The Google cloud platform offers great features for photo storage and transfer. You can easily upload, synchronize, view and share your favorite photos in your Google Drive account. Using the free online cloud storage service, you sync and upload photos within the 15 GB free margin, which is shared among Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. You can upload and view your photos in almost any photo formats, particularly .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF, .BMP.

2_Upload photos

All of your uploaded photos can be found when you search Google Drive for Images using the drop-down arrow in the search box. Click a file name to open and preview a photo using the Google Drive image viewer. When you open an image file, you’ll also see additional features that you can use, such as: Print, Share, Download, Rename, Zoom, etc.

3_Photo preview

To share an image file through Google Drive, you need to click the Share option (the one with a + sign) in the image preview window. When you do this, you are sent to the following screen, where you can use the link, provided for download.

4_Share photo

You can copy the generated link to the clipboard and share with other users through an instant messenger, email, or any other way you consider appropriate. Alternatively, you can also share it via Google +, Facebook or Twitter. At this screen you can also change the access settings, whether your video will be shared with the public, a user who is provided with a link, or specific people only.

5_Sharing settings

Alternatively, to share your photos with other users, open the main folder, containing your photos, place check marks on those that you want to send, and choose the + sign on the top left to share.

6_Sharing main

With Google Drive you can manually set an Auto Backup function on your desktop machine or on your mobile device, this way being sure that all your favorite photos are safe and secure in the cloud. If you are an Android user, turn on the Auto Backup option on your device. This way you can manage how and when photos and videos from your device are uploaded. To turn the Auto Backup function on, open the Photos app, touch the three dot menu icon and click Settings > Auto Backup. You can set on and off for the Auto Backup from here.

To do the same on iOS, open the Google+ app, touch the three line menu icon > gear icon > Camera and Photos > Auto Backup.

Also, you can easily share your photos with other users by choosing the Share option on your device. It basically gives you the same sharing options as discussed above.

Shortly, Google Drive is ideal for storing and sharing photo collections, especially if you are not burdened by space limitations (you have ordered a paid version). If you mainly take photos with your phone or tablet, the auto backup function is a piece of cake to use. On the other hand, if you are a professional photographer, you may want to consider other cloud storage services, offering larger quotas.

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