How are Photo Lovers Welcome at Amazon Cloud


Amazon Cloud Drive is Amazon’s native online cloud storage platform, which provides its users with a diverse service in exchange for a reasonable price. For those who are used to Amazon’s other services, the online storage platform will come handy. For example, Amazon’s audio player is mostly used for playing audios, purchased from Amazon music store, and so on. However, you don’t necessarily need to use Amazon’s other services. You may simply choose the free version of its cloud service, giving you 5 GB of data storage space upon registration. It is not much, but you can at least store your phone photo collections.

Mobile applications are available for Android and iOS. To use Amazon Cloud Drive to backup your photos from your mobile, turn the Auto-Save function On. In this state, the app will automatically protect all the photos on your device in the cloud. Alternatively, you can selectively store your photos in the cloud when the Auto-Save function is turned Off.

To store your valuable photos through the web, open the Amazon Cloud web application, open the Pictures folder and click the + Add Files button on top right, and then select the photos you would like to upload.


Once uploaded, you can perform various actions with your photos in the cloud, such as Move, Copy, Rename, Share, Download, etc. To do so, simply mark a file in your folder and click on the option menus on top. To view a photo, click on the file name and it will open in another screen.

3_Picture View

When you open a photo in your Amazon viewer, you can start a slide show, containing the other pictures from the same folder. Also, using the arrows, you can view other photos, which are given in thumbnail view in the bottom part of the viewer.

To share a photo, open the Pictures folder, mark one (or more) photo(s), click on the More Actions button and choose Share (the bottom option). The following screen will appear, containing a link that you need to use for sharing.


Unfortunately, the Amazon Cloud Drive does not provide any file sharing settings. You cannot set particular rights to users. Everyone who owns the link can download and use your photos, no restrictions.

A pleasing feature that Amazon provides is the Photo and Video Preview, located at the very top left side of the web platform, right next to the All Files section. It is called “Photos & Videos”. When you click on it, you can view a gallery of your videos and photos, stored on the platform. However, not all file formats are supported for preview.

Shortly, Amazon offers a number of media services, grouped in a cloud storage system, which, for those, willing to pay a particular sum, may be a very comfortable way of creating and storing large collections of photos and other media.

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