MediaFire for Professional Photographers and Amateur Photo-takers


Being a wonderful cloud storage platform, especially for storing media, MediaFire initially gives you 12 GB of free storage space, but they offer a nice referral scheme, through which you can get up to 50 GB. This is wonderful news for those who store large collections of photos. The 200 Megabyte per file limit is, however, unpleasant, but it is sufficient for most of the photos you make. The MediaFire Pro and Business accounts, on the other hand, do not impose such limitations, and if you are a pro, you may consider choosing one of those two options for a very reasonable price.

The web interface is very user friendly and offers preliminarily created folders, one of which is dedicated to your photos.


You can easily upload your photos to the web photos folder. Actually, the online storage system gives you picture samples, already stored in your folder, in order to introduce you to the photo options available.

3_Photos folder

To benefit from the various options available, you have a number of choices. You can either mark your photo(s) by putting a check mark to the left of it(them), and an options bar will appear in orange in the upper part of the screen. There are options, such as Share, Download, View, Move, Copy and Move to Trash. Also, when you right click on a file, you also get a list of the available options. To open a photo, left click on it and the platform will open a preview screen.

4_Photo opened

The photo preview that MediaFire provides offers a number of additional options. You can share a photo directly through the preview screen. Also, you can see your photos in different sizes and even rotate them.

To upload your photos to the web, click on the Upload button at the top of the web interface. It gives you two upload options – from your computer and from the web. Also, you can simply click the U button on your keyboard to upload files to the file storage platform.


Using the latter, you can directly download a file from the web by providing its address.

6_Upload from web

And lastly, let’s discuss the sharing options, since you will probably want to share your favorite photos with your friends and colleagues. To do so, open the folder where your photos are stored, mark them and choose the Share option at the top, or right click on a photo and choose Share from the drop-down menu.


The online storage platform will generate a link which you can copy and paste through email or messenger to your collaborates. Also, you can use a social platform to share your file.

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