Transfer your Photos through Various Clouds

1_Cloudsfer logo

If you are not certain about the security of your photos in your current cloud storage provider or on the social networks, this is probably one of the best services for you. Cloudsfer is not a cloud storage space, it is a cloud storage migration platform. Using it, you can transfer your data from one cloud to another or from a social network to a cloud, without the need to copy your photos or other files manually.

2_Migration plan

The platform is free and when you sign up you are provided with the opportunity to select a migration plan. To start, simply click on a cloud storage or a social platform you would like to transfer your files from. For this article, we chose to migrate our files from Dropbox. However, you can also move them from OneDrive, Instagram, Facebook, Box, Google Drive and Copy. Once you select the service provider you would like to transfer your files from, you are asked for permission to access your files and folders.

3_Transfer from Dropbox

When the transfer is already configured, you are asked to submit the Migration Plan via Cloudsfer.

4_Dropbox path

Afterwards, Cloudsfer asks you to specify the online storage platform you plan to save your files to. If you have chosen to move your files from Dropbox, you can choose as a destination OneDrive, Box, Google Drive and Copy.

5_Transfer to

In our example we chose Box as a destination file storage platform for migrating our photos. At this point Clousfer asks you to allow access to your Box space.

6_Grant access

When you provide access, you are presented with a summary of your Migration Plan. You can Save it, Schedule it and Edit it. When you save your migration you are sent to the final screen of the process, when you can choose to Execute your plan or Delete it.


You can perform such plans multiple times combining various social platforms and clouds.

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