Your Photos are Secure in Cubby

1_Cubby logo

Cubby is all about simplicity and security. It is mostly a professional use cloud storage platform that gives you 5GB free storage space and up to 25 GB through Cubby’s referral schemes. The paid plans are concentrated around business collaboration and offer up to 1 TB of data storage space per five users. Our guess is it will probably suit fine for teams of professional photographers, working on common projects.

Cubby allows teams to easily and securely work together via one common file storage and sharing system. Since the platform is supported on various devices, such as mobiles and desktop ones, your photos are directly synced on any devices you use.

If safety is your biggest concern when storing your photos in the cloud, Cubby guarantees that it protects your information so your data stays secure. No third party will ever view your photos, except if you share them. Cubby protects your data with AES 256-bit client-side encryption. Activity monitoring is also available, but only for paid plans.

When you install the desktop application, you simply turn your folders into cubbies and they automatically and securely sync with your web application. You can sync multiple computers and devices all at once. You can share documents with anyone, without letting them make changes to your cubbies. When you upload your photos to your cubbies, you can collaborate on privately shared cubbies in order to work on the same set of files and access unlimited versions in the archives.

If you choose to install the Cubby desktop application, it will create one large folder for you, called My Cubby, where you can store your digital data securely. It will be automatically synced to the cloud. Through the desktop app you can create other cubbies or turn a folder on your system into a cubby.

2_Desktop cubby

The desktop app offers a number of options, such as Sync, Share or generate a Link. Also, the On button enables linking and online access from and mobile apps. You also have the opportunity to remove folders from being cubbies using the X button, thus cleaning space on your file storage platform. This way the folder will be no longer synced or shared through the desktop application.

The web view is also very simplified. It only gives you the folders (cubbies) you have created on your desktop app. Also, if you create a cubby on the web, it will appear on your app.

3_Web view

To upload your photos to the cloud, you have two options – though the web or through a mobile or desktop application. To upload through the web, open the destination folder and click on the upload button at the top of the folders.

4_Upload web

You can drag and drop your files or you can click on the Choose Files or Choose Folders button to upload your photos.

To upload photos through your desktop device, simply drag and drop your files to the desired cubby folder and they are automatically synced with the web.

When your files are already uploaded to the web platform, you can easily share them with other collaborators if you click on the three line button at the rightmost of your files. Choose the Link option and the platform will generate a link that you can provide to your collaborates.


To share an entire folder, open the main folder view and choose the Share now option to the right of your folder name. When you do so, you will be asked for your recipient’s email address. When you perform this your colleague will receive an email invitation to join Cubby and receive your share.

As we previously mentioned, in Cubby your photos are really safe, because client-side encryption is available for all users, regardless of whether they use a paid or a free plan. However, one more security step – the Cubby Locks – user-held encryption keys, is available only for paying users.

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