Wuala for your Photos


What is your greatest concern when storing your photos in the cloud? Do you want to store them in complete privacy? Then Wuala is definitely a good option. The more commonly used cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, are very convenient and user-friendly, but when we talk about security, they are definitely not the best possible options.

You can use Wuala as a desktop or mobile application for data backup and file synchronization. Unfortunately, Wuala does not offer a free plan. Its paid ones start from 5 GB/EUR 0,99/ month and reach 100 GB/EUR 389/year (for 5 users). The service is definitely not a cheap one, but it is one of the most secure platforms available. It is supported on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. To use the Wuala service, you need to install its application on your computer or mobile device.

2_Start view

Initially it gives you four preliminarily created folders where you can backup your files. Using the Add button you can also add files and folders which need to be synchronized. You can also add files for backup and create public and private groups for your stored files.

3_Add sync

The Wuala service mainly differs from the mainstream cloud storage providers in the security measures applied. First, it’s the client-side encryption. All of your files are encrypted locally on your device before being sent to the cloud, which ensures that even on a non-encrypted transfer, no readable data would leak out. The other thing is the policy of Wuala not to have access to your passwords. Only you know your password, but if you lose your password, you will not have access to your files anymore.

If you need to sync particular folders of your photos, click the Add Sync function and manually locate your files in the system to add them for synchronization.

4_Select sync

When your files are synced, you can right-click on any of your folders and make use of the additional features that appear in the drop-down menu. You can also favorite a folder by clicking the star sign that appears to the left of your folder.

5_Folder options

Shortly, Wuala ensures you easily perform file backup and synchronization. It works like any other Sync tool, but with the benefit of being really secure. With Wuala your photos will be safe in the cloud and you will be sure that noone will have access to them, except if you like them to.

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