Your Photos in (a) Shoebox!

1_Shoebox logo

Nah, Shoesbox is not a place to store your shoes. It’s a place to store your photos. And I don’t mean the developed ones. What Shoebox does is simply backup and organize your digital photos. Not a lot more to it. Also, you can share galleries of your favorite moments with your friends and colleagues by social media or through email.

You can use Shoebox through web or via its desktop and mobile applications. What made us a good impression is the simplicity of the registration process. No extra information required, such as your address or credit card details. Simply enter your name, email address and password and start using the platform.

Regardless of whether you use Shoebox on your computer or your mobile, the application works and looks quite the same. So, for this example we decided to test its desktop version. Once installed, it requires you to select folders to backup from your system.

2_Select folders

When you make your selection, your photos start uploading to the web platform. You can resume backup at any time or add additional folders for synchronization. The upload speeds are not particularly high, although one cannot complain much.

The basic catch here is the photo resolution limit. Provided you don’t want to pay $5/month, you will have to satisfy with the 1024 maximum resolution of your backed up photos.

Your photos are encrypted using the AES-256 standard. Unfortunately, in Shoebox’s Terms and Conditions section they honestly state that they may access, read, preserve and disclose any information for various reasons. However, if this doesnt bother you, you can benefit from the great photo organizing and storing options.


In the Timeline section of your Shoebox you get all of your photos in the order of uploading. By the way, Shoebox provides a wonderful photo preview option. Also, you can play a slideshow of your images.

In the Events section you have your photos arranged by the time they had been taken. This platform is very useful when your images come with information from the camera they had been taken with. This way the system is capable of sorting them in many ways, such as by the type of camera they were made with, the date they were taken, and even by their location. The cloud backup platform also gives its users a powerful search option, where you can add various search criteria.

And lastly, you can easily share your precious moments with your friends and collaborators by using the Share option of Shoebox. Due to its organization options, you can also view and modify your shares at any time.

Conclusively, besides the aforementioned security issues, the platform seems like a good idea for storing your images. It may be especially useful for backing up the photos you take with your mobile phone, since Shoebox offers apps for Android and iOS. And most of all, thumbs up for the file organizing options, being some of the best we have seen by now.

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