Infinite Storage for your Photos in Bitcasa’s Infinite Drive


Bitcasa is one of our favorite cloud storage platforms on the market. What we most like about it is its so called Infinite Drive. Unlike others, it does not simply create a folder on your computer system, but it establishes an external drive for your multiple files and folders. The only difference from your internal drives is that the Bitcasa virtual drive does not take space on your computer. As they call it, this is your external hard drive in the cloud. This file storage system allows you to drag and drop files and folders just like any external hard drive. The documents you’ve placed on this virtual drive won’t take space on your computer and will be accessible from any other devices you use. This is especially helpful when you store media, such as photos. You can easily back them up from your mobile, directly in the cloud. You can also simply drag and drop them in your desktop drive and have no worries about their safety.

2_Bitcasa infinite drive

When installed, the Bitcasa application appears as an icon in your tray bar, and also, as an external drive on your system. This way you can easily reach it and use it.

Also, the price/quota ratio of Bitcasa is very good. You can get up to 20 GB for free and up to unlimited storage space for just 99$ per month. Even in its free version, you can store a large collection of photos. There are no limits to the file size when you upload your images. 


You can choose between using Bitcasa on your computer, on your mobile device or on the web. Or on all of them! The platform gives you the opportunity to share files and folders instantly with other users. One way of doing it is by right-clicking on a file, located in your Bitcasa virtual drive. The Send this to a friend option appears. When you click on it you can easily generate a link to share with other users. Alternatively, you can select the Send option on the website after you have marked the file(s) you plan to send. A link is automatically generated and you can send it via email or share it on Facebook, Twitter or an instant messenger.

4_Send file

The Bitcasa platform provides secure cloud storage by ensuring end-to-end encryption for your files. This way you are the only one who can see your files. You can safely backup all your media and access it via Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as any mobile device. You can access your files even offline.

Shortly, what is most specific about Bitcasa is that it helps you save valuable space on your non-virtual drives. The cloud storage system automatically backups your files even on mobile. You just need to download and install the Bitcasa application for iPad, iPhone or Android.