pCloud Transfer

Safely Share your Files via the pCloud Transfer

You are probably already familiar with the pCloud platform, but it has something new to offer its users. This is the pCloud Transfer. To use the service, neither you, nor your recipients need to be registered for the pCloud service. The pCloud Transfer is a completely free and no-registration platform for transferring files. This is a very usable service for photo collectors and photographers. Let’s say you photograph a wedding. You can instantly send a large number of photos to your clients and be completely sure the transfer is fast and secure. Or you can send a collection of photos from your child’s birthday to your guests.

When you open the website you get the following start screen.

1_Transfer start screen

Through this new service you can send multiple files (up to 5GB in size) without single file size limits to up to ten users at once. However, if you register to the pCloud service, you will be able to send files with unlimited size, as long as your quota allows.

Once on the pCloud transfer page, add the files you want to send using the + Add Your Files section on the screen. Then enter your friends’ email addresses in the Friend’s Email field. When you enter an address, simply click Enter on your keyboard and the email will be added to the list on top of the field. Alternatively, you can click the + Add more friends option to enter other email addresses. After that, enter your email in the Your Email field, below the other users’ emails. This email address will appear as a sender of your files. You also have the option to enter a message to your friends, which they will receive along with your files.

2_Transfer with loaded files

When you are ready with all of the steps, click the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen. As you can see, your files are encrypted before sending, which makes the transfer highly secure. When the process is complete, you will get a notification that your files have been transferred. Your friends will receive an email, notifying them about the file transfer you are performing.


In this email they get a list of the files they can download and an expiry date. When the recipient clicks the Download button, your files start downloading on their computer.

4_Ready to download

You will get a notification that your friends have received the files. This way you can be sure that the transfer has been successful.

Also, through this platform pCloud offers an encrypted file transfer option, and we promise to explain how it works in another article. So, stay tuned!